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Getting Out of the Bleachers of Life

On the outside, I was a very successful medical device sales rep, living the dream. On the inside, I was desperately trying to figure out what my true purpose was and find fulfillment. ‘I was so tired of feeling empty following the same script of life…’  The script went a little something like this: wake […]

How To Judge Your Professional Success

There are two numbers that are always front and center for me, as a salesman, revenue target goals and my income. Because those two numbers are the most basic key performance indicators of professional success. But those are not the only ones we should care about.  I want to dive deeper and think about some […]

Trick Your Mind To Achieve Your Goals

I’ve learned that your subconscious mind doesn’t actually know the difference between what is taking place in reality and the thoughts or feelings that you’re actively choosing to focus on. So, with that in mind, there are ways to trick your mind into focusing on specific things, like your goals.  Here are two steps to […]

Why I Started Reading…

When I finished grad school, I had this overwhelming sense of relief that I never had to read another book again. I had crossed the ‘finish line’ that was graduation and was entering the “real world”. ⠀ I thought that meant that I could turn my brain off when I left work and could spend […]