Who is Karl?

I am a black man that is breaking down barriers and stereotypes.

I am a first-generation immigrant from Cameroon, that grew up having to always be different versions of myself. Whether it was under my parent’s roof where I had to adhere to their cultural standards, or out in the world having to connect with my white and black peers. I struggled to find my personal identity but knew that I did not fall into any group stereotype. I came to realize that I was simply just, Karl. 

My parents came here in search of the American dream. I too took on that goal of living out the American dream, but once I achieved it I realized that I was missing something. I was missing a sense of purpose. My purpose is now to help black men create better lives for themselves by crushing stereotypes and by just simply being them.



Using my entrepreneurial ability to create generational wealth for minority individuals.


Leveraging positive stories of minority individuals that have crushed stereotypes to become successful.


Creating a community founded on black excellence that will create real sustainable longterm change.