What’s the price of ignoring your mental health?

I made the decision this past January to see a therapist on a monthly basis and to stick with it for a year. I had never been to one before and thought that it could be an exciting and helpful practice for me to explore within my life.

As I walked out of my second to the last appointment on the year, 

I realized that it was one of the best investments I could’ve made for personal development.

In the past, I’ve always shuffled thoughts I didn’t want to deal with to the back of my mind. Over time, I realized I developed a habit of doing this which led to a ton of clutter and an even bigger mental mess that I didn’t want to deal with.

Going to therapy on a semi-regular basis has given me a dedicated space and protected time that is specifically intended for me to sort through the mental clutter. Allowing me to discover healthy ways that I can unpack my thoughts without letting them build up into an overwhelming mess that’s difficult to sort through.

There have been so many positives, but here are a few of My High-Level Therapy Takeaways:

  1. It’s a safe space. ⠀
  2. It’s a fun and unpredictable exploration of myself.
  3. It’s kind of like the best outdoor recess, but for your mind!

At the end of my commitment to attend a weekly therapy session for one-year, I decided to double down on continuing to go to therapy.

There is something insanely empowering about making the time to do the shit you would otherwise tell yourself you’re to busy to take care of.

I want to leave you with these two questions: 

  1. What’s the price of ignoring your mental health? 
  2. How much better are you going to feel once you start to clean it up?