Trick Your Mind To Achieve Your Goals

I’ve learned that your subconscious mind doesn’t actually know the difference between what is taking place in reality and the thoughts or feelings that you’re actively choosing to focus on. So, with that in mind, there are ways to trick your mind into focusing on specific things, like your goals. 

Here are two steps to trick your mind:

  1. Writing down your goals is a solid first step towards achieving them.
  2. Read your goals and look at them daily. ⠀

When you spend some time focusing on your clearly defined goals, targets you want to hit, you’re actually hardwiring new pathways in your mind for you to experience these events. This is called ‘mental priming’ and I like to think of it as fertilizing the soil of your mind!

‘The beautiful thing with this phenomenon is that your body is always following your mind.’⠀

Think about it. If you’re thinking about food, you’re more likely to reach for a snack in the pantry. If you think you’re cold, you instantly reach for warm clothing or turn the temperature up. ⠀

The body follows the mind, and so if that’s the case you can imagine the power behind thinking about your goals, and how your body starts to automatically take the actions to stay consistent with making those goals a reality!

There is a ton of power behind declaring them publicly, so here it goes:

My Professional Goals For This Year:

  1. Give a minimum of one talk a month to colleges/organizations about empowerment skills, mental health, and personal fulfillment -Keep kicking ass and generating sales to be a top performer at my company
  2. Invest in at least one multi-family income-producing asset
  3. Grow The Free Time Podcast to a minimum of 100 downloads/episode

I’m super pumped to share and to see how all of this takes shape! 

Are you willing to declare some of your 2020 Professional Goals? 

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