The First Step In Doing Anything Is To START!

4 years ago, I had to commute from Atlanta to Birmingham about 3 times per week. ⠀

I’d start off the mornings with a grande white chocolate mocha from Starbucks at 5 am and hit the road. My favorite thing to do was to bump Hip Hop the entire drive to get myself Turnt up for the workday.

But after months of this same routine, something started to change…

I got sick of listening to the same songs over and over, and my mind grew thirsty for something more.

⠀I discovered Podcasts on one of my long drives and I’ve never been the same ever since. I started loving the process of actually learning something that would make me better while I was driving.

I loved how intimate a great podcast felt. It was almost like it was just the host, their guest if they had one, and me settling in for a real discussion.

I’ve listened to shows on everything from real estate investing, to personal development, to how to talk to girls. Literally, everything! ⠀

I’ve taken away little pieces of knowledge that have helped me evolve as a young man and as a human being.

Fast forward to today, I have my own Podcast, The Free Time Podcast! 

I’m beyond excited to share my passion through conversations around how our time can be used as an asset to help us discover a true sense of fulfillment in our lives.

It’s been a long process for me with learning how to start a podcast, deciding what I wanted to talk about, and honestly working up the courage to reach out to guests. 

I’ve had to remind myself time and again that the MISSION behind the show far outweighs any of the temporary struggles or hurdles, and to Just Do It anyway.

What’s one thing you know deep in your gut you’re supposed to be doing?

No matter where you are in the process, will you join me and choose to just do it anyway even if it’s uncomfortable or difficult right now?