How To Judge Your Professional Success

There are two numbers that are always front and center for me, as a salesman, revenue target goals and my income. Because those two numbers are the most basic key performance indicators of professional success. But those are not the only ones we should care about. 

I want to dive deeper and think about some of the other numbers that aren’t always top of mind when it comes to our professional lives. 

I always hear about the concept of having a “work-life” balance. So, I sat down and tried to make sense of what that means from a quantitative standpoint.

  • The average person spends 8.8 hours per day working. That is 44 hours per week, 2,288 hours per year or 95 days per year at work.
  • If you sleep on average 8 hours per day, that is 56 hours per week, 2,912 hours per year or 121 days per year of sleep!
  • That means we spend up to 217 days working and sleeping out of the 365 in a year! 

We obviously need sleep to live healthy lives. We also need some type of work to feel a sense of fulfillment and to generate money so we can maintain a lifestyle we’re truly happy with.

In my 5+ years as a working “young professional”, I’ve made as little money to classify me as ‘low income’ and as much to classify me as ‘wealthy’.

Money is a HUGE driver for me. I’m never gonna act like it’s not important, but it’s not the ONLY factor I consider when thinking about my professional life.

BUT, when assessing how you’re doing professionally, it is important for me to take more than money into consideration. ⠀

I’ve realized that when I assess my personal empowerment, my daily mindset, and my fulfillment, I’m not only happier while I am working, BUT I also earn more money too!

I am thinking about what I can do to prioritize these other areas in my professional life, trusting that the money will continue to follow. ⠀

Will you do the same?