Getting Out of the Bleachers of Life

On the outside, I was a very successful medical device sales rep, living the dream. On the inside, I was desperately trying to figure out what my true purpose was and find fulfillment.

‘I was so tired of feeling empty following the same script of life…’ 

The script went a little something like this: wake up, go to work, crush it at work, come home, wait for the weekend, chase girls, party… rinse, wash, and repeat…

I had no idea where to start to even begin to answer these questions.

I realized that if I chose to continue doing the same thing living my life un-consciously, then I would only end up getting more of the same un-fulfilling result.

Then, as if by chance, I found a mentor I could model and started using my free time to educate myself by consuming content about the power of mindset and the innate ability we ALL have to change our circumstances and tap into our true potential!

Instantly it became crystal clear…

‘I could trade the feelings of being stuck and stressed out for empowerment and fulfillment by becoming more intentional with my time.’

Through a lot of soul searching. I now have more clarity on what gives me a deeper sense of fulfillment. It’s sharing the many journeys of life and all the lessons learned along the way.

I started a project called The Free Time Podcast. Where I feature millennials that have also consciously decided to pursue what gives them fulfillment, which is live now: The Free Time Podcast

Since fulfillment is subjective, these conversations can relate to anyone that is looking to make a positive change in their life. 

Over the last few months, I educated myself on the nuances of creating a podcast and created a list of guests I wanted to interview.

I have taken the leap of faith. I have begun interviewing people that are along the path to fulfillment. 

As a result of being willing to get myself out of the bleachers of life and into the arena, I can now say that I know my mission. I will work to make my life truly matter by not only leveling myself up to my true potential but also by helping all of those I encounter to do the same for themselves!